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  • Why customers are willing toChoose xinli, a research firm?
    • 01
      Privacy protection

      Strict secrecy,To ensure customer privacy

    • 02
      Formal company

      Registration for industry and commerce for the record,The business license,Qualification complete team

    • 03
      Investigation mode

      Its investigation team,The business is not outsourcing

    • 04
      Customer testimonials

      Nearly all successful cases,For tens of thousands of people、Nearly1000Companies in service

  • ServiceThe project
  • Pay attention toMatters
    • A

      Why to meet is so important

    • B

      Help customers to distinguish true and false,Have a fixed office location was guaranteed

    • C

      Security in favour of entrusted,Didn't meet had better not give specific information

    • D

      The details of the entrusted matter is conducive to communication,A great help to work late

    • E

      Is beneficial to both sides communication good delegate targets,To avoid misunderstanding, communication、Their differences

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